Choosing a Technology Stack for Startups

Article by Miles Thomas, Practice Manager in Workbridge Philadelphia 

4 Desirable Traits of Open Source Job Seekers

Article written by Jaime Vizzuett, Practice Manager of Workbridge Orange County

The Benefits of Working and Hiring Contract-to-Perm

Article by Andrew Sleptiza, Division Manager San Francisco.

How to Hire a DevOps Engineer

The competition for engineering talent is at an all-time high, especially in tech hotbeds like New York. Here in NYC, the tech sector is thriving like never before, and companies large and small are setting up shop and building out teams of engineers. Many of these new teams, particularly those in startups and growth-stage companies, are open-source based, and working in lean, agile development environments. As these companies grow, they develop a need to scale their infrastructure to support an increase in customers or traffic. Enter, the traditional ‘DevOps engineer’. So hot right now. Everyone is looking to hire one, and most are spinning their wheels trying.

The Top Five Reasons Your Engineers are Leaving

Article by Abby Rose, Lead Recruiter in Workbridge Boston

Considering a Contract Job? Ask Some Questions First!

First and foremost, contracting can be a great way of landing your next job or adding some new folks to an engineering team, very quickly. After we find a job seeker a great new contract opportunity and they complete their project, we make an effort to ask our candidates how their experience was – time after time the response has been “Wow… that was fast.” 

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